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What do you get with KLY?

customers were retained to buy again and again from our clients.

First of all, we bring your customers back – not just once, not occasionally, but consistently and predictably. In 82% of cases, retention is overlooked or reduced to impersonal weekly promo emails, or worse – complete silence. KLY ensures that 60% of your profit comes from effective retention strategies. We do what others won't.

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79% of marketing leads never convert to sales due to ineffective CRM and follow-up processes.
KLY assesses your current CRM strategy and finds the best customised solutions to enhance your workflow, sales processes, retention campaigns, and reporting. When we're done, your CRM will be a powerhouse, boosting conversion, sales efficiency, and revenue.
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We don’t present “beautiful” reports without real results. That’s not our style. You won’t hear excuses from us – that’s for companies that don’t know their stuff. We don’t ghost you. We involve you daily so you can see your business transforming. We don’t do “lazy marketing.” You hire us with a goal in mind, and we aim to achieve it for you.

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Why choose KLY agency?

We are not all-in-one

At KLY, we pour our hearts into two things – CRM services and retention marketing. We don’t spread ourselves thin with countless services – we chose our passions and became gurus in them. This means you get the best, most personalised service possible in our field.

Deep field knowledge

For the past 5 years, we've immersed ourselves in CRM and retention marketing – exploring, developing, and customising solutions to boost revenue and streamline processes. We know every tool, every CRM, and every custom solution that can transform your business.

Industry-wide expertise

Whether you're in e-commerce, services, education, or DTC SaaS – we WILL optimise your processes, customise CRM, retain your customers, and help them bring in new ones, growing your revenue several times. We know how to do this for any type of business.

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Services we offer.

A major trend in the business world today is the obsession with acquiring new customers, believing they will drive growth. Unfortunately, 82% of businesses fail due to poor customer retention, and 79% of leads never convert due to poor processes. We create an environment where your customers lend and return in greater numbers than ever before. With KLY, you'll experience the excitement of successful sales campaigns but at full product price.

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Loyalty and Retention Programs

Ineffective loyalty and retention programs cause 59% of customers to leave for better experiences, and missing referral opportunities can cost you a 5x higher conversion rate.

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Loyalty programs

59% of customers would leave for a better experience. Would you like half of your hard-earned customers to give their money to competitors? We know how to make them stay forever with world-class loyalty programs designed to match your brand and audience behaviour.

Referral programs

83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services, but only 29% actually do because they are not incentivised. KLY team has developed 10+ referral programs that have brought our clients conversion rates five times higher than other marketing channels. Want to join?

Subscription models

We help you build subscription models that are attractive to your audience and profitable for your brand. “Subscribe to save” is not enough — you need something better to make it work.

Retention campaigns

We build smooth funnels to win your lapsed customers back and keep them valued and engaged with special offers, birthday celebrations, and personalised product selections.

Personalised communication

44% of consumers say they are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.

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Email Marketing

70% of brands lack personalization in their email marketing efforts and instead send generic promotional materials. At KLY, we create diverse email funnels for our clients, including abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase nurturing, personalised product offers, and tailored promotions to boost engagement and conversions.

WhatsApp Marketing

Messages sent via WhatsApp have an open rate of 98%, with users checking the app more than 23 times a day on average. Want to be a constant presence in your customers' pockets? KLY makes it happen for you!

SMS Marketing

70% of consumers think SMS is an effective way for businesses to get their attention. But not all SMS messages are created equal. KLY has helped market players launch their SMS efforts from scratch, achieving higher retention and engagement rates.


We turn anonymous website visitors into valuable contact data using gamification "traps". This approach lets you easily gather high-quality contact lists, which can be converted into loyal customers through targeted marketing efforts.

CRM Services

Poor CRM practices can result in a churn rate of up to 27% annually, leading to significant revenue loss. KLY team changed this for our client and will do it for you.

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CRM setup and migration

Whether you're migrating data from another system or starting from scratch, KLY team makes the process smooth. We ensure no data is lost, everything is properly categorised, and assigned to the right places. It's like the migration never happened, but your experience improves overnight. If you're implementing a CRM for the first time, we ensure it's set up to perfectly match your business processes and workflow nuances.

CRM optimisation and automation

KLY develops custom solutions to transform your CRM into a powerful tool rather than just software you pay to store leads. We automate routines, customize lead cards and pipelines, build effective sales processes, and integrate seamlessly with other tools. Whatever you want your CRM to do but it doesn’t – hire us to make it happen.

Custom CRM analytics

We cleanse your data, segment your customer base for tailored experiences, and develop fully customized analytics dashboards. Our solutions gather data from multiple sources and present it in a way that gives you all the answers, from the performance of a single campaign to predicted revenue.

Customer journey mapping

Your CRM data holds valuable insights into customer behavior and what drives repeat purchases. At KLY, we analyse your customer journey, optimise and set up touchpoints, and segment your customer base for personalised experience flows, resulting in 3x better conversion into repeat purchases.

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Your business needs brave agency.

Imagine a world where your partners only try to keep your trust by agreeing with everything you say instead of sparking new ideas. Doesn't this approach seem destined to fail? At KLY, we carefully choose our clients to become true partners in achieving your goals. We’re not just following orders; we’re strategists showing you new ways and going the extra mile to make them work. We’re not another vendor you have to manage; we take a good portion of the managing burden off your shoulders.

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How do we get to work together?

A friendly chat to get to know your needs and goals.
A comprehensive, no-cost review to identify growth opportunities.
A tailored plan outlining how we’ll achieve your objectives together.
A simple agreement to kickstart our partnership.
A collaborative session to craft a winning plan just for you.
Implementing our strategies while you enjoy the progress.
Celebrating your success with impressive.

Not sure if you need us?

How often do your customers make repeat purchases?
What percentage of your revenue comes from repeat customers?
How segmented are your marketing campaigns?
How many of your customers have churned in the past six months?
Do you have a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers?
Are your customers referring new clients to your business regularly?
Can you view your entire sales pipeline in real-time?
Can your team easily access customer history during interactions?
How automated are your lead follow-up processes?
Can you quickly generate detailed customer and sales reports?
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We love good questions answered!

Not sure how our CRM and retention marketing can make a change for your company? You might be just one great answer away!
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How does the free audit work?

Our free audit comprehensively reviews your current CRM solution and retention marketing strategies. We identify areas for improvement, potential customisation, software choice, and new strategies to enhance customer engagement and retention efforts.

What industries do you serve?

We serve various industries, including e-commerce, services, education, and DTC SaaS. Our tailored retention marketing and CRM solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Do you offer customised solutions?

Yes, we specialise in developing customised CRM and retention marketing solutions that align with your specific business processes, goals, and customer base.

How long does it take to see results from your services?

Generally, clients start to see improvements within a few months of implementation. However, the timeframe for seeing results can vary depending on the specific strategies implemented, the scope of work, and the current state of your CRM and marketing efforts.

Can you integrate your solutions with our existing systems?

Absolutely. We don’t make you move from one software to another just because we’d like to work with that. If possible, we always ensure seamless integration of our CRM solutions and retention marketing software with your existing systems to enhance efficiency and reduce your workload.

How can I contact KLY Agency for more information?

You can drop us a message through our contact form or directly to our email address. We’re here to answer any questions and help you get started with our services.

Thank you for reaching out!

Our team will get back to you shortly ♡

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