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Retention marketing

Traditional retention marketing often falls short by relying on generic emails and sporadic loyalty discounts, failing to leverage customer data effectively. This leads to low engagement and high acquisition costs. Modern retention marketing focuses on personalisation, seamless CRM integration, smart loyalty programs, and strategic customer engagement. KLY team redefines retention for your business, like we did for many others.

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Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more compared to new customers.
Do you need retention marketing?

If your customers frequently churn after their first purchase, engage less with your communications, or your sales are heavily dependent on constant promotions, it’s a sign you need better retention solutions. If your customer acquisition costs are rising while your customer LTV remains stagnant, or if you lack insights into customer behavior and preferences, it’s time to invest in a proper retention strategy.

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Recognise your brand?

a steady decline on customer loyalty and repeat purchase despite increasing marketing spend.
by the amount of marketing advice, making it difficult to formulate a coherent retention strategy.
about which retention strategies are more effective for your business and particular audience behaviour.
Lack of
knowledge and expertise to analyse customer data effectively for more personalised marketing.
over the rising cost of acquiring new customers compared to retaining existing ones.
Aware of
competing businesses implement advanced retention tools and custom strategies to stay afloat.

But it can also be this

Increased LTV through improved loyalty and repeat purchases.
Enhanced ability to compete with a strong, loyal customer base.
Greater return on investment for marketing efforts due to a focus on retention.
Stabilised revenue streams through regular and predictable repeat business.
Reduced marketing and acquisition costs per customer over time.

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more compared to new customers.

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Why choose KLY for customer retention?

Custom solutions

We don’t just register you for another software. We assess your current efforts, research market trends, and use customer insights for your industry to develop strategies that perfectly match your brand differentiation and customer behaviour.

Software experience

KLY team not only knows what software will match your business and financial goals but also how to maximise its impact. We partner with the best retention tools on the market, and our team has been around the block, making tech work hard for our clients.

Consumer psychology

Besides our deep technical knowledge, we’re first and foremost marketers. We invest our best effort into understanding the customer side behind every process. Our signature research tactic helps us find the perfect way to your customers’ hearts.

We work with
Klaviyo services Yotpo services Shopify services Mailchimp services Recharge services Shopify Plus services Bigcommerce services Open Loyalty services Charles services Refferal Candy services

Services we offer

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

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Loyalty and Retention Programs

Ineffective loyalty and retention programs cause 59% of customers to leave for better experiences, and missing referral opportunities can cost you a 5x higher conversion rate.

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Loyalty programs

59% of customers would leave for a better experience. Would you like half of your hard-earned customers to give their money to competitors? We know how to make them stay forever with world-class loyalty programs designed to match your brand and audience behaviour.

Referral programs

83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services, but only 29% actually do because they are not incentivised. KLY team has developed 10+ referral programs that have brought our clients conversion rates five times higher than other marketing channels. Want to join?

Subscription models

We help you build subscription models that are attractive to your audience and profitable for your brand. “Subscribe to save” is not enough — you need something better to make it work.

Retention campaigns

We build smooth funnels to win your lapsed customers back and keep them valued and engaged with special offers, birthday celebrations, and personalised product selections.

Personalised communication

44% of consumers say they are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.

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Email Marketing

70% of brands lack personalization in their email marketing efforts and instead send generic promotional materials. At KLY, we create diverse email funnels for our clients, including abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase nurturing, personalised product offers, and tailored promotions to boost engagement and conversions.

WhatsApp Marketing

Messages sent via WhatsApp have an open rate of 98%, with users checking the app more than 23 times a day on average. Want to be a constant presence in your customers' pockets? KLY makes it happen for you!

SMS Marketing

70% of consumers think SMS is an effective way for businesses to get their attention. But not all SMS messages are created equal. KLY has helped market players launch their SMS efforts from scratch, achieving higher retention and engagement rates.


We turn anonymous website visitors into valuable contact data using gamification "traps". This approach lets you easily gather high-quality contact lists, which can be converted into loyal customers through targeted marketing efforts.


How do we get to work together?

A friendly chat to get to know your needs and goals.
A comprehensive, no-cost review to identify growth opportunities.
A tailored plan outlining how we’ll achieve your objectives together.
A simple agreement to kickstart our partnership.
A collaborative session to craft a winning plan just for you.
Implementing our strategies while you enjoy the progress.
Celebrating your success with impressive.

We love good questions answered!

I don’t see tools my company is using in your list.

No worries. Our tools section includes the most popular tools we work with but is not limited to them. If your company uses another tool, we can surely work with that. Our vast knowledge of technology, customisation, and approaches applies to any tool you may use.

How do you personalise retention strategies for different businesses?

We analyse your market trends and customer data to understand behavior and preferences. Based on these insights, we create tailored email campaigns, loyalty programs, and engagement strategies that resonate with your specific customer base and match their current behaviour.

What kind of results can I expect from KLY’s retention marketing?

Our clients typically see increased customer retention rates (more customers become regular), higher average order value, longer customer LTV, and growth in referred customers. These outcomes lead to sustainable growth and a higher return on investment.

Do you offer support for ongoing retention marketing campaigns?

Yes, we provide continuous support, optimisation, and development of new enhanced and seasonal campaigns to ensure sustained success and adaptability to changing business needs and customer behaviour.

What makes KLY’s retention marketing different from others?

First of all, a scientific approach to profiling your audience and determining the psychological factors affecting their purchase behaviour. Customer psychology and technical knowledge allow us to select proper personalisation levels, segment your data for increased conversion, and build solid customer journeys. With us, you won’t have just email marketing in place. You get the true retention machine, printing you money :)

What kind of customer data do you use to enhance retention strategies?

We use a variety of customer data, including purchase history, behavior patterns, engagement metrics, and feedback. Additionally, we help brands transition to using first-party and zero-party data, reducing reliance on third-party data and ensuring cmopliance with privacy regulations. This comprehensive data approach enables us to create highly personalised retention strategies that resonate with your customers and drive loyalty.

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